Our History

Impressive history of great wine.

The Celts were the first to cultivate vines and produce wine in the western Pannonian region, which includes the current Thermenregion wine-growing area in Austria. The Romans further developed this heritage. They introduced vines from their home regions and brought practicable knowledge of vine cultivation and wine production. Old Roman barrel staves made of pinewood that were found in a well in Oberwaltersdorf in 2013 bear witness to this. Following the retreat of the Romans, the monastic orders proved to be pioneers of viticulture. The aristocracy also contributed significantly to the growth of wine production and demonstrated great interest and preference for the wines from the region south of Vienna. Beginning in the 15th century, a lively wine trade developed and “Gumpoldskirchner” wine evolved to become an internationally desired brand. Great successes were celebrated as far afield as France and the USA. Albeit with interruptions, this boom period continued into the 1980’s. The wine scandal that occurred in Austria hit the wine producers of the Thermenregion hard. Numerous forward-thinking vintners eventually found their way back to the top through competent and diligent quality work. Wine lovers from around the world are once again aware of the unique oenological treasures that are created on the edge of the Vienna Woods.

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